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styczeń 3rd, 2013

Getting Started with Kanban Workshop

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Getting Started with KanbanThe Kanban Method, developed by David Anderson, is an approach to improving software delivery processess. The key benefits of a Kanban system are improved communication, increased efficiency, reduced stress, and better estimations.

- Participants will know how to implement the six rule of Kanban. - Participants will be able to implement Kanban in a software team and show others how to use it. - Learn to use metrics to improve your current process. - How and why to limit work in progress to improve the flow of work through your process.

Each participant will receive:

- The eBook “Getting Started with Kanban” by Paul Klipp - Electronic copies of all materials used in the course - A hot lunch - tea/coffee and snacks - Invitation to join the Limited WIP Society to continue learning together - Discounted admission to other Wawel Hill events, including the ACE! Conference

This course is for anyone who wants an introduction to the Kanban Method for software development, including project managers, ScrumMasters, senior managers, product managers, business analysts, programmers, entrepreneurs, designers, testers, and anyone else who has an interest in building software better.

For details and to register, visit: http://www.wawelhill.com/training/kanban.htm

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