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Information Technology in Cracow: portal and community

Our mission:

We want Cracow to become not just source of highly competitive brainpower („cheap labour“), but also a vibrant center of creativity, thought, technology and innovation. Creating such culture requires presence of a modern, open minded and responsible local IT community.

What is IT w Krakowie (ITK)?

„IT w Krakowie“ (in short, ITK) literally means „IT in Cracow“. ITK is both a news portal, and a non-profit and a-political group of dynamic volunteers whose mission is to build and develop the IT community in Cracow, Poland.

Since the early 1990s Cracow has led an impressive growth in IT activity, resulting in the region being called a Central Europe’s „Silicon Valley“. The universities, academies and politechnics have provided a critical mass of brainpower. The end of communism made it possible for many local entrepreneurs to start internationally competitive businesses. Giants like Motorola, Delphi, Sabre and IBM have come for the outstanding price performance of professional staff available, as well as the great quality of life.

ITK would like to see this move beyond what has been achieved already and to encourage the development of shared values of self improvement, co-operation, initiative, innovation and excellence. We want Cracow to become not just source of highly competitive brainpower (cheap labour), but also a vibrant center of creativity, thought, technology and innovation. Creating such culture requires a modern, open minded and responsible organisation and network: the local IT community. We want a flexible, open minded, optimistic culture celebrating the success of each new idea and enterprise, knowing that each new success story creates the space for sevral more.

Why run the portal it.wkrakowie.org?

ITK has already initiated a number of projects , knowing that actions speak louder than words but we are open to anything that is feasible and beneficial to the local IT community. A major goal is to facilitate communication between the various actors in the local IT community, such as universities, public institutions, companies, and IT professionals together and help them develop and implement shared agendas. This is why we run the portal http://it.wkrakowie.org with publicity and information about local IT events and sometimes organise them ourselves.

At present this portal is mainly in Polish (click the white-red flag to read today‘s news). We know that visitors to the site would appreciate English. We agree with them. We do not have the money for a bilingual site, and help would be welcome.

Can you help with funding?

You can donate to “Fundacja IT w Krakowie” in order to start maintaining the English-language version of it.wkrakowie.org. In order to recognise support and provide commercial benefits, we have some sponsorship options to leverage sponsor‘s profile within our community. Our portal has good visibility and traffic(as of Jul’06, 25 0000 entries and 5,000 unique visitors a month, almost exclusively IT professionals from Cracow metropolitan area; monthly readership growth of 10%) and the money goes to our a cause. If you are interested, contact us at kontakt-at-it.wkrakowie.org and we will be glad to discuss what we can do for you.

Can you help with your energy and time?

You can volunteer to help us run this portal. It is maintained by a group of volunteers called Ekipa Portalu (portal team) and additional help is always welcome. We are very open to anyone who supports our work and goals. We meet regularly in one of Cracow’s pubs to discuss new ideas and projects. If you have a project that you would like to suggest and implement, you may find that there are supporters who can help you make it happen in our network. We work for free, just to support the idea and have fun. And it really is fun, as sponsors sometimes cover expenses such as social events, going out, conference fees and so on. Our members and supporters include some of the best minds and IT professionals in town, and including obviously those who want to do more than simply work for themselves, which generally means that they are people with a much higher personal energy level than average, which makes them better than average people to hang out with.

Some our projects are pretty cool, such as “Akcja Kawa” where we award certificates to wifi friendly cafes. Write to kontakt-at-it.wkrakowie.org for more information in whatever language you feel at ease in We always welcome new supporters!

Contact us to hear more.


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