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Decision Optimization - Build / Port / Devops Engineer - IBM

IBM Decision Optimization Center provides an enterprise-scale platform for developing and deploying highly effective optimization-based analytical planning and scheduling solutions for business decision-makers across various industries.

Decision Optimization Center-based applications provide all the features that you need to take full advantage of optimization technology.
Applications that are built with Decision Optimization Center help users to create, compare, and understand planning or scheduling scenarios. They can adjust any of the model inputs or goals, and fully understand the binding constraints, trade-offs, sensitivities, and business options.
To support these functionalities, Decision Optimization Center is composed of :

DOCenter Studio (Planning cockpit) - based on Swing:
A graphical user interface (GUI) with which the business user can create plans and work interactively with the optimization.
DOCenter Enterprise IDE - based on Eclipse:
An integrated development environment (IDE) that supports development of the application.
DOCenter Enterprise Data server (scenario repository) :
A database that stores planning data (input data, optimization parameters, results, other information) corresponding to one or more scenarios. The scenarios, or cases, represent potential variations of the underlying business problem.
DOCenter Enterprise Optimization Server/Engine (An optimization computation engine) :
A managed environment that takes care of the optimization computation.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

An autonomous and motivated individual with two+ years experience in a software development or build environment
Familiarity with these tools or equivalent tools: Nexus, Maven, Jenkins, InstallAnywhere, Ant
Operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Languages: Java, Python
Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
Self-motivated and quick learner
Ability to work in a globally distributed teams, and communicate effectively with remote developers and engineering team members
Fluency in English

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